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Click for more detail Draft City Centre Strategic Development Framework 2050 Development and Regeneration Services 06 Nov 2019 17 Jan 2020
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The City Council is inviting feedback on this Draft City Centre Strategic Development Framework 2050 (CCSDF 2050) which seeks to establish the spatial ambition and development direction that will guide the future evolution of the City Centre towards 2050.

The CCSDF 2050 is one of six such documents being prepared for six priority areas identified in the City Development Plan (CDP) that require a co-ordinated spatial plan to guide future development and regeneration.  It translates the Strategic Placemaking policy of the City Development Plan to the city centre level to provide a place-based framework that identifies strategic priorities for the centre, which respond to local issues and emerging opportunities.  

The CCSDF 2050 proposes a number of strategic interventions under the CDP themes to make the centre more ‘Vibrant, Liveable, Connected, Green and Resilient.’ As such, it includes key moves to make the centre a more people-focussed and attractive place to live, work, visit and invest,  grow the population and improve the centre’s environmental performance and climate resilience.

Following consultation and ratification, the CCSDF 2050 will become Supplementary Planning Guidance to the CDP. It will sit alongside and complement the City Centre Strategy in driving development ambitions for the city centre and delivering on their visions of a more successful, sustainable and liveable place.  Alongside the City Centre Strategy, the CCSDF 2050 will provide the spatial context to support the forthcoming City Centre Living Strategy and further District Regeneration Frameworks.  

Consultation Name/Title Council Section/Service Consultation Start Date Consultation End Date
Click for more detail Impacts of Parades and Processions 2019 Chief Executive Dept 01 Nov 2019 23 Dec 2019
What do we want to know?

Public processions, parades and marches are an important form of celebration, commemoration, remembrance or as a call for action and change.
In 2018, there were 318 processions in Glasgow, ranging from small regular processions, to those that cross through the city centre with significant numbers reflecting both years of tradition, and the city’s response to current issues in society, for example in relation to the Climate Emergency and PRIDE.
The Council has developed a Policy and Code of Conduct on Public Processions providing information on the procedure for dealing with a procession notification as well the obligations placed on the organiser of the procession. The current Policy and Code of Conduct on Public Processions can be found here.
In September this year, the Council announced its intention to carry out a review of the Policy and the Code of Conduct.  The review will also consider whether the current requirements properly balance the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression with the legitimate rights of local residents and businesses to go about their daily lives. 
The outcomes and recommendations from the review will be reported back for consideration in early 2020.  The Council is looking to gather the views and opinion of individuals, groups and businesses from across the city. 
The closing date for responses is Monday 23rd December 2019.

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