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Click for more detail District Regeneration Framework - Broomielaw Development and Regeneration Services 08 Feb 2019 05 Apr 2019
What do we want to know?

The City Council have published a consultative draft District Regeneration Framework (DRF) for the Broomielaw District.

The DRF supports the aims of the City Centre Strategy 2014 – 19 ( ) and is one of the nine city centre Districts to have a regeneration framework developed. The DRF’s will be developed collaboratively with stakeholders, and will involve a flexible and holistic approach that promotes the unique identity of each District and its regeneration through sustainable placemaking programmes and a range of interventions to enhance the area.

The DRF will form part of the planning framework which flows from the City Development Plan to the City Centre Strategic Development Framework to the DRF itself. Once adopted it will be become Supplementary Guidance.

The Broomielaw DRF is the second of nine DRF’s to be published with the next three Blythswood, Central and St Enoch due to come forward in the coming months. It is hoped that the remaining four will be commissioned later in this calendar year.

To date over 3,500 members of the public and other stakeholders have engaged with the process and provided information on challenges and opportunities, as well as ideas on how to work to resolve them. This information, along with the research completed, has been organised into seven themes through which interventions will be delivered.

We would welcome your views on draft Broomielaw DRF. Responses can be made using the online survey attached and/or in writing using the contact details provided. Written responses should include your name and contact details and be as specific as possible regarding the theme or part of the document to which your comments relates. 

Thank you for making the time to participate.

Consultation Name/Title Council Section/Service Consultation Start Date Consultation End Date
Click for more detail Gambling Policy Statement City of Glasgow Licensing Board 25 Jan 2019 08 Mar 2019
What do we want to know?

Under the Gambling Act 2005 the City of Glasgow Licensing Board has a number of important regulatory functions in relation to gambling activity in the city.

In accordance with the Act, the Licensing Board must prepare, consult on and publish a policy which it proposes to apply when exercising relevant gambling related functions.

What is Changing
The first change is the introduction of Local Area Profiles.  The Local Area Profiles identify areas of concern to the Licensing Board.  The Licensing Board would expect applicants and operators to take extra care when producing a risk assessment to identify in detail in the assessments all the measures they will put in place to mitigate the risks identified in the Local Area Profiles for the area to which the premise relates.

The second main change is to set out the Licensing Board’s commitment to exploring the possibility of setting up a Betwatch scheme in the Glasgow area.

Your views
We are interested in your views on both the proposed changes to the policy statement and to the terms of the draft guidance. Proposed changes to both documents have been shown as tracked changes.  Please submit your views by email to or in writing to:-

City of Glasgow Licensing Board
City Chambers
George Square
G2 1DU

This consultation will close on Friday 8 March 2019


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