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Consultation Name/Title Council Section/Service Consultation Start Date Consultation End Date
Click for more detail Open Space Strategy Development and Regeneration Services 15 Oct 2018 10 Dec 2018
What do we want to know?

The City Council has published a Consultative Draft Open Space Strategy (OSS) for Glasgow.  The Draft OSS sets out the ways in which the people, flora and fauna of Glasgow are likely to make use of open space, now and in the future, and sets out how these different demands on open space should be considered and met.  The Draft OSS sets out the strategic direction that will guide the Council’s work, policy-making and investment decisions in managing the City’s open spaces to allow Glasgow to flourish in future. 

Please note that the Draft OSS provides a long-term vision for Glasgow’s open spaces to ensure they meet the City’s needs in the years to come.  It does not deal with the day-to-day management and maintenance of the parks and open spaces in the Council’s ownership, which is addressed in the Council’s Parks & Greenspace Vision.

Alongside consultation on the OSS itself, consultation is also taking place on a series of Local Context Analyses (LCAs).  The LCAs complement the draft OSS by helping identify where action within specified areas of the City can help meet the overall aims of the OSS.  Consultation on the LCAs provides an opportunity to inform the Council of the open space issues that you think are important to your local area.  The Council is also using this opportunity to seek comments on its Open Space Map.

We would welcome your views on any of the issues or actions set out in the draft Open Space Strategy, the Local Context Analyses or the Open Space Map.  Copies of the draft OSS and LCAs may be inspected, during normal business hours, at the Mitchell Library, all local libraries and at the Council’s offices at 45 John Street, Glasgow. 

Your response should include your name and contact details and be as specific as possible regarding what each comment refers to (the document or Open Space Map), the part of the document to which your comments relate (or site reference for spaces on the Open Space Map), what you would like changed and why. 

Consultation Name/Title Council Section/Service Consultation Start Date Consultation End Date
Click for more detail Food Inequality Inquiry Chief Executive Dept 28 Sep 2018 09 Nov 2018
What do we want to know?

Food Inequality Inquiry – call for evidence

Glasgow City Council launched a six week inquiry into food poverty and inequality across the city today, Friday 28 September 2018.

The move was agreed at the General Purposes Policy Development Committee, chaired by Bailie Elaine Ballantyne, on Tuesday 25 September 2018. (Report attached for information)

The inquiry is seeking evidence and views on this important subject.

The council is aware increasing numbers of people in Glasgow are experiencing difficulties - physically and economically - accessing sufficient, safe and nutritious food.

We also know a wide range of organisations and charities are responding to those experiencing acute food insecurity – including an established community food sector.

We wish to work with these partners and organisations across Glasgow to ensure the city is operating these responses and services as effectively as possible.

We are seeking your views and any evidence you may have in relation to:

  • The scale of food inequality in the city
  • What steps we can take to prevent food inequality
  • How we make best use of existing services and approaches
  • What the city can do to invest in longer term sustainable solutions

Please send your views and any available evidence to:

  This call for evidence will run until 9th November 2018.  

The Committee also intends to hear evidence about associated projects and initiatives tackling food poverty across the city.

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