Student Accommodation Consultation

What do we want to know?: 

In February 2019, the Council consulted with students, student housing providers, universities, elected members and community councils to solicit their perspectives on Student Accommodation in Glasgow. Following this event, the Council conducted research and analysis that has informed the drafting of revised guidance.  The Council has prepared this revised guidance with the intention to replace Section 2: Student Accommodation of SG10.

In order to make these revisions, The Council is required to publish the new guidance for a period of public consultation that permits all interested parties to make comments on the proposed guidance. Once the consultation ends the Council will review these representations and consider how these might alter the proposed guidance before presenting it to relevant Council Committees for their approval.

Subject to this approval, the Council will submit the revised guidance to the Scottish Government along with details of how the representations we received during the consultation have been taken into account. If the Scottish Government is satisfied that the revised guidance and consultation procedures have fulfilled statutory requirements, the Council will seek to adopt the guidance (subject to any further necessary Committee approval), thereby replacing Section 2: Student Accommodation of SG10.

Consultation start date30 November 2020
Consultation end date22 January 2021
Feedback dateDue 30 April 2021
Method(s) of Consultation Online Questionnaire
Target Group(s) Stakeholders, General public, Community Councils
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Claudino Zachary Development and Regeneration Services 231 George Street
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