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Keep National Cycle Route 75 Open During Public Events in Glasgow Green

The citizens of Glasgow welcome the use of Glasgow Green for major events such as the TRNSMT Festival and the World Pipe Band Championships. However, these events require large sections of the park to be closed to everyone except those who buy admission tickets. The lack of access to the park is largely balanced by the enjoyment that many people get from attending the events.

A major access issue that remains unresolved during such events, however, is the closure of the National Cycle Route 75 (NCR75) which borders the southern edge of the Green, adjacent to the River Clyde. Closure is typically from the Saltmarket to St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge, a distance of about 650m. This cycle route is understood to be the busiest in the City of Glasgow and its closure for many days during events is highly inconvenient, not just to cyclists but to walkers. Diversion signs, if such are placed, are usually hard to find, hard to follow, and take cyclists/walkers to places they would not choose to go. There is no technical necessity for the closure of NCR75 as it is perfectly possible for the City Council to erect permanent barriers along the north side of the NCR75, with access gates to the Green only to be shut during events. Alternatively event organisers could erect temporary barriers for each and every separate event.

This petition calls for a presumption that the NCR75 will be kept open during all public events held in Glasgow Green.

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On 15/07/19 I sent an email to Land Services, cc'ing Anna Richardson and Collin Little, regarding this issue, but nearly 2 months later I have received no reply.


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Robert Downie

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28 Oct 2019

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