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Keep Our Kibble Palace Free

Petition to request that admission to Kibble Palace remains free. Without any public consultation, Glasgow City Council decided to introduce charges to enter the Kibble Palace. The Council guesses that this might generate £185,000 annually but acknowledges that it will prevent tens of thousands of visits every year. 2018 estimate of annual visits was 250,000, which they guess will drop to 100,000 fee-paying visits once charges are introduced. Visits may drop even more dramatically, resulting in lower income. For many - especially the elderly and those with children, a visit to the Botanics isn't enough without The Kibble's welcoming shelter, warmth and fish (!). Losing free access to the Kibble will inevitably result in fewer visits to the Botanics. Now, more than ever (in accordance with net zero and public health strategies) we should be facilitating access to nature and green spaces for public health, and to educate and inform us all on biodiversity, conservation & climate. For one adult and child to visit once a week would cost over £200 a year, during the cost of living crisis, as UNICEF promotes the necessity of urban greenspace for children’s development and Public Health Scotland figures show an alarming increase in children whose developmental progress is cause for concern. The Council should: immediately reverse the decision to charge entry to any publicly owned parks or glasshouses, reaffirm its commitment to public engagement by holding a public consultation before making any changes to access to public parks including buildings, gardens and glasshouses.

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Elected members have been contacted by email, Campaigners have been maintaining a presence in Kibble Palace on Saturdays, allowing visitors to express their views on the value to them of their visits, and how they would be affected by the introduction of entry fees. See https:/// and petitions on and and Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens

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Fiona Douglas

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17 Oct 2023

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