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Make Barrowland Park Permanent 2015

Barrowland park is a public park which acts as a key gateway from the city centre to the east end of the city. It is also an example of what a commonwealth games legacy should be, a permanent park for the many 1000s of visitors and residents to enjoy. It is also an inviting attraction for people to enter the east end and explore the many facilities that the east end boasts. Considering the amount of money that the park cost and for the council to be contemplating selling it's share of the land that the park is on to a private developer is quite frankly an act of folly. The council should reconsider the temporary status of the Barrowland park with a view to making it permanent, or at least for as long as the Calton Barras Action Plan is in force.




Number of signatures: 611

Petition Status: Concluded

Principal Petitioner: Thomas McMahon

Closing Date: Sep 16 2015 3:15PM

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