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Segregated cycle lanes at the Kelvin Way-University Avenue Junction + Review local traffic priorities to optimise road safety

*EveryOne who lives, studies, works or travels around Gibson Street - Bank Street - University Avenue - Kelvin Way area knows all too well the daily dangers and hazards of commuter vehicles in this area. *EveryDay, during school pick and drop off times, children, students and families experience dangerous road safety and pollution hazards, as well as regular near-misses on these streets. And we must never forget tragedies in the not-so-distant past. *Inconsiderate behaviour peaks from the University Union bus stop along the approach to the junction of Kelvin Way and up University Avenue to the university carpark. Here pavement users and cyclists of all ages are forced to either overcrowd onto the pavement or pull out into busy traffic. Even at the planters across the Kelvin Way, access is often blocked by illegally parked or idling cars. *Walkers, wheelers and cyclists cannot be safe when pavements and access points are frequently blocked, narrowed or bottle-necked by vehicles parked illegally on pavements, vehicles idling and queues of traffic. Glasgow NorthWest Police visit and offer solidarity to deter this behaviour but police resources are stretched, so the daily presence of police is an unrealistic solution. **A Solution! Children, families and students deserve to travel confidently and safely to places of study and work! **We CAN make this area safer and prevent accidents if GCC Install carefully-spaced physical cycle lane Defenders/ Separators, as implemented in many other part of the city. These will create safer spaces for all users and deter unsafe parking and traffic encroachment onto pavements and cycle paths. Traffic queues and traffic light priorities will need to be examined and optimised urgently alongside this. By signing this petition, you help bring this to the attention of Glasgow city council who can makes the changes and create safer pavements, cycle lanes and routes for all who travel along here. Thank you for reading!

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North West Police have attended to deter unsafe vehicle behaviours Approached local councillor for advice Consulted senior management at local schools Consulted local road safety groups Taken advice from Sustrans


After consideration, the committee

(a) agreed that the issues raised in the petition did merit further consideration;

(b) acknowledged the ongoing work being undertaken by this Council in relation to traffic management within the vicinity of Kelvin Way and University Avenue, as detailed in Appendix 2 of the report; and

(c) instructed the Executive Director of Neighbourhoods and Sustainability to continue to engage with the petitioners, Police Scotland and local schools and work towards a long term solution to review local traffic priorities to optimise road safety to address the issues raised by the petition, having noted that the Council was looking at the wider issue of traffic management in the city, including plans to carry out an assessment of the Spaces for People initiative.

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Nayanika Noy Basu

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28 Jan 2021

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